Museums and castles

Come and discover the magnificent Lascaux 4 museum, where you will find the reconstruction of the real cave!
Rooms with different themes will guide you through the museum.
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The prehistory museum in Les Eyzies is located next to exceptional sites listed as world heritage sites by UNESCO (caves of Font-de-Gaume, Combarelles, etc.)
You will find different rooms explaining the evolution of man.

Commarque Castle
After walking in the forest for a good 10 minutes, the castle appears to you.
You will wander through the ruins. But part of it was saved and restored, including a room with old wooden games made available. You can climb to the top of the tower, and take a moment to feel like a prince or princess!!

Milandes Castle
Magnificent castle of Josephine Baker.
The gardens can be explored to discover the different species of trees and flowers.
The interior of the castle is dedicated to the life of Josephine Baker, the current owners maintain the memory of this artist.

Beynac Castle
From the road, it appears majestic, clinging to its cliff. Magnificent medieval castle!!!
A must see.

Castelnaud Castle
Very beautiful medieval castle overlooking the Dordogne, in turn predominantly English then French!!

Puymartin castle

1269 construction of this castle which is 10 minutes from our house where the owners still occupy part of the premises.

"During your visit to the Château de Puymartin you will travel through the ages, its architecture, its furniture and the works which adorn its walls are witnesses of the different periods that the château has gone through.

The legend of the White Lady of Puymartin traces the life of Thérèse de Saint-Clar who was imprisoned in the north tower of the castle."